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Time for some good news!

We expect to post some information on our new location very soon!

We think you're going to love it!

We will be relocating to DUMBO in the early fall. The reason for our move is twofold. The number one reason is that nowadays there are not enough movie goers in Brooklyn Heights to sustain a two screen cinema. The other reason is that the building that the Brooklyn Heights Cinema has called home for over 40 years, is being sold. While economics would have forced this move anyway, it happened now because of the impending sale.

Having to move is something I have put off for as long as I could. I know this is a huge blow to our loyal neighborhood customers and I hope you’ll visit us at our new location in DUMBO, which is a short walk away.

Your support earlier this year enabled us to purchase a new digital projector. Without that projector, moving forward would have been impossible. We are NOT going out business. We are simply relocating and nothing would please us more than if you continue to support us and attend the wonderful independent films we will continue to show, often films that you can't see anywhere else in Brooklyn.

We cannot thank you enough for all our support over the years.

We will continue to update this page with info on our new location as soon as it's finalized!

photo credit: Michael Gottlieb